Breathing - A film by Karl Markovics

Breathing - A film by Karl Markovics

Press Clippings

Karl Markovics makes a very confident debut with this small but perfectly formed slice of stylized social realism.
The film achieves a lyrical beauty.
Auds willing to hitch a ride should find themselves amply rewarded.
Charles Gant, VARIETY (US)

Spare, meditative and hauntingly eloquent, Austrian actor-turned-director Karl Markovics’ first feature is among the more promising debuts in Cannes.
A sober, compelling drama distinguished by its intelligent restraint, controlled visual style and a matter-of-fact observational approach that gives it bracing dramatic integrity, Breathing marks an assured move into directing for Karl Markovics.

A success.
C’est très réussi.
Bruno Icher, LIBERATION (France, Daily)

This is the first film of its director, Karl Markovics, a comedian who wanted to go behind the camera. That's done. Brilliantly.
Ce film est le premier de son réalisateur, Karl Markovics, un comédien qui voulait passer derrière la caméra. C’est chose faite. Avec brio.
Benoit Zagdoun, FRANCE 2.FR (France, Website)

A superb film.
Bénédicte Prot, CINEUROPA (EU, Website)

An extraordinary movie.
Karl Markovics (….) manages to put his beautifully-shot debut movie on a level with the best Austrian movies of recent years - and with this year’s highlights of the Cannes Film Festival.
Lukas Traber, NISIMAZINE (EU, Daily in Cannes & Website)